Forward thinking women! Why using heat to curl your hair is dated

Forward thinking women! Why using heat to curl your hair is dated

It's 2010 you're standing in front of your mirror in your parents house. You've been curling your hair with a curling iron for the past hour & the finish line doesn't seem in sight! 

Using heat to style your hair seemed like the only option for a really long time..! But misinformation & lack of education led the majority of women to consistently damage their hair with heat on a daily basis. 

Fast forward to today where women are more forward thinking and are aware of the risks & consequences of using heat to style their hair on a daily basis! But just because you shouldn't be using heat to style your hair doesn't mean you can't have your hair curled more days than not! 

Heatless curls are incredible & the Curling Halo makes  overnight curls 1000x faster & easier to use than a traditional curling iron. Enjoy having your hair curled for as many days as your heart desires with our easy 30 second no heat curling routine!

( Check out our Curling Halo product page for an in-depth tutorial! )

Using heat to curl your hair is an extremely outdated method! Not only will it take you an hour to curl all your hair strand by strand. The constant heat damage destroys the bonds in your hair & will leave you with very dry brittle hair! 

That's why it is very important to use heat on your hair only in last minute situations or special occasions! Don't make it a habit & your hair will thank you! 

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