Curling Halo Vs. DIY Heatless Curls

Curling Halo Vs. DIY Heatless Curls

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Today we will be going over the pros. & cons. of the Curling Halo Vs. DIY heatless curls. The reason why we created the curling halo was because DIY options never had a predictable outcome! Results were always messy or not even through out! With many trial & error we've concluded DIY options never quite come out like the salon quality curls you expect! 

The Curling Halo was then born! 

Designed to create an even and repeated curl pattern throughout the hair! Many of our customers are shocked with the results & didn't realize how big the difference was between the Curling Halo & DIY heatless curls! 

DIY options do work but can be uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis & can actually damage your hair if not done properly! The back of the Curling Halos are completely flat & allows you to enjoy all hours of your beauty sleep! So comfortable to wear your hair will be curled almost everyday of the week! Made from a soft vegan silk the Curling Halo keeps your hair in place all night long without having to wrap your hair so tightly! 

 What option are you sticking with?  

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