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“Our top pick for the most comfortable heatless curlers is the Halo hair Labs Icy Halo Heatless Curling Kit. This curling kit comes with a curling halo that is designed to work similar to the rod, only it snaps in place to create a halo around the head (hence the name), plus a claw clip and two hair ties to secure everything together.”

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“Why We Love It: The Halo Hair Labs Icy Halo Heatless Curling Kit is unique because it’s more of a true headband than a rod or rollers. It took a few tries to get our technique right, but once we did, we were impressed by the cascade of tight ringlets as we unfastened the headband, but after using our fingers to comb through and giving our head a hearty shake out, they relaxed into gorgeous curls and waves with plenty of movement.“

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“We liked the look of this curler right off the bat; it combined several different types of curlers into one model—it has the soft, cylindrical shape of a rod with an added piece that connects at the base of the head for extra security (similar to a ribbon). While we did have to watch a tutorial video to get the curling process right, it was a breeze to assemble. Once the curler was secure—doing so took about five minutes—our hair stayed in place and looked really nice the next morning.“

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Rather than a long rod, this option is more of a headband — which may be easier for some to sleep in,” says Joseph. To use, secure the down-filled rod on top of your head with the included claw clip. Wrap your hair in small sections around the silk-covered foam rod on either side of your head and secure each end with the included no-slip hair ties. Then, snap either end of the rod together at the back of your head so it stays in place all night.

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