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Enhance your natural beauty with our damage free heatless tools!

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Our Mission

At Halo Hair Labs our mission is to focus on natural beauty & creating products that help you feel incredible as you are! Our heatless tools are designed to be quick & easy to use! We strive to simplify your beauty routine & help you feel great on a daily basis!

Halo Designs

All of our heatless tools are designed to be the highest quality & MOST comfortable. Made for any occasion! Our Curling Halo features a completely flat back that allows you to enjoy all hours of your beauty sleep while you give your hair a boost! Each curler comes with everything you need to create the most effortless curls!

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Our Story…

    • This all began when I wasn't able to find a heatless curler that met my beauty needs. It had to be comfortable & quick to use... So the hunt continued with no luck trying every curler on the market. 
      Once I created the Curling Halo it was like a light switch moment, it was so incredibly comfortable I was reaching for it all the time! The confidence of waking up with your hair done with such minimal effort was amazing & that feeling is something I would wish for everyone! 

      I hope my products help you feel just as confident because beauty doesn't have to be hard or damaging..! 
    Francesca ( Creator of Halo Hair Labs )