What's The Difference?!

Discover Our Heatless Tools

A heatless curler disguised as a scrunchie!

Our revolutionary heatless tool allows you to curl your hair without heat during the day! 

Busy lifestyle no problem! Enjoy the freedom of curling your hair on the go!

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Curling Halos

Our most precise heatless curler! From tight curls to heatless waves the Curling Halo allows your to customize your curls!

Designed to be worn nightly. 

A heatless curler designed for extra long hair! 

The XL Halo curls every strand of your long locks without compromising comfort! Enjoy the ultimate heatless experience designed for chest length hair & bellow!

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Extend your blowouts or previously curled hair (can be used on curls styled with heat) 

Wear nightly and wake up with freshly styled hair. Save your hair from repeated heat damage!

$25.00 - SOLD OUT

All Halos Are Limited Edition. Once a color way is sold out it will not be restocked!

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