Sleep On A Cloud With Our Plush Heatless Curling Halo!

Introducing our most versatile heatless tool. Our Curling Halo allows you to customize your curls!

Busy Lifestyle? No Problem!

Curl Your Hair Without Heat Anywhere, Anytime!

Heatless curls no longer have limits!

This revolutionary undercover.. hair tool allows you to curl your hair without heat anytime!

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Comfort Is Our Priority!

All of our heatless tools are filled with premium faux down pillow filling

  • 3X more comfortable than DIY options

  • Achieve bouncy & even curls throughout your hair!

  • Hand selected vegan silk to ensure the highest quality

Say Hello To Our *New* XL Halo


Don't settle! Our XL Curling halo is designed to curl every strand of your long locks!

Discover Our Innovative Heatless Tools

Get 10% off your first order!
Get 10% off your first order!
Get 10% off your first order!

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Our Easy To Use Heatless Tools


Do your products damage my hair?

Our hair tools are designed to do the complete
opposite! Achieve bouncy curls without heat
any day or everyday because beauty doesn't
have to be damaging!

How long do you have to wear our heatless tools?

Our heatless tools allow you to customize your
curls! For loose waves wear for 3-4 hours, for
tighter curls wear for 6-8 hours!

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping on orders over $50!
United States: $6
Canada: $10.50
United Kingdom: $8
All other countries: $10.50