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XL Halo

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What’s Included

Everything you need for effortless heatless curls!

All kits include:

1 Curling Halo

1 Claw Clip

2 No Slip Ties

How To Use

Heatless curls have never been so quick & simple!

Dampen your hair leaving it 65-70% dry! Place your Halo on top of your head and use your claw clip to keep it in place while you wrap your hair.

Starting from your part wrapping your hair around the Halo adding more hair every turn.

Slide the hair up as you wrap your hair around the halo all the way down.

Secure your ends with one of our no slip ties design to keep your hair in place without having to tie it tight!

Remove the claw clip and enjoy a full night of sleep! 

Pro Tip: Lock in your curls with your favorite hair spray for long lasting curls!


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XL Halo
XL Halo

A heatless curler designed for extra long hair!

The XL Halo is designed to curl every strand of your long locks without compromising comfort!

Our vegan silk is designed to reduce frizz overnight!

Hand selected vegan skin keeps your hair in place while smoothing your hair overnight! Wake up with smooth frizz-free curls without heat or damage!

All of our products are filled without faux down pillow filling!

Traditional heatless curlers are uncomfortable! The Curling Halo is designed with your comfort in mind!

Discover our everyday essentials

  • Customize Your Curls!

The Curling Halo is designed to allow you to customize your heatless curls! However you decide to style your curls the curling halo will keep them in place all night long!

The Perfect Trio

Our heatless curling kit includes everything you need for perfect damage-free curls!

A claw clip to keep your halo in place while you wrap your hair & two no slip ties to secure your ends without having to tie your hair tight!

  • Your 30 Second Curling Routine!

Heat is in the past.

Why millions of people are switching to heatless options

4 reasons why curling your hair with heat is the styling choice of the past!

1. Hair Cuticle Damage

One of the main concerns with heat styling is the damage it can cause to the hair cuticle--the outermost protective layer of each strand. High temperatures from styling tools can strip away the natural moisture, leaving the hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Continuous heat exposure weakens the hair cuticle, leading to frizz, split ends, and overall loss of hair quality.

2. Protein Loss

Heat styling can also disrupt the protein structure within the hair shaft. The heat breaks down the proteins responsible for maintaining hair strength and elasticity, resulting in weakened strands. This can make your hair more susceptible to damage from everyday activities such as brushing, tying, or even environmental factors.

3. Moisture Imbalance

Excessive heat styling can disrupt the hair's moisture balance. The heat from styling tools removes the natural oils that keep the hair hydrated, leading to dryness and dullness. Without proper moisture, the hair becomes more prone to static, frizz, and an overall lackluster appearance.

4. Fading Hair Color

Heat can be particularly harmful to color-treated hair. High temperatures can cause the color molecules to fade at a faster rate, making your hair color appear dull and less vibrant. Heat styling can also contribute to color damage, resulting in hair that looks brittle and lifeless.

Locally Sourced Materials.

All materials are hand selected to guarantee comfort & the highest quality! 

Handmade By Our Halo Team.